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Smart Type Assistant 2.0

Smart Type Assistant is an advanced typing automation tool
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Smart Type Assistant is an inexpensive program that provides some smart features to ease your typing tasks, no matter which application you are using for word processing purposes. Many features of this tool are included in MS Word; the advantage of this assistant is that it works in any word processing context.

Smart Type Assistant is almost invisible; it only puts an icon with a pop-up menu to your system tray. Its most important features include: Autoreplace using preset phrases when you type in a short keyword; Autocorrect, automatically replacing common mistypes with correct words; Click2Paste List, quickly inserting text pieces; and several types of text operations - conversion to lowercase/uppercase, capitalizing and others.

One especially interesting feature of the Assistant is its Smart Diary. This tool saves typed text to a safe location for future reference. When you want to save your text for any reason, you can simply turn the diary on. This can be useful for creating chat logs and avoiding data loss on word processors crashes.

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  • It simplifies typing
  • It's inexpensive
  • It's lightweight


  • It's only available in English
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